——————— TECHNICAL SERVICE ———————

Kingsmart sticks to the belief that sincerity is the basis of a company. Our sincerity has won the trust of every client.

We constantly provide clients with top-class products and services. It has been widely acknowledged that Kingsmart is the symbol of top quality. However, nothing is perfect. When a problem occurs, we will face up to it and try our best to solve it as soon as possible. We know our products best, thus, we will never sell the products which we don’t have faith in. We clearly know that quality is the heart of a company, only the product with high quality can achieve the win-win situation for both clients and the company.

Seeking truth from facts has become our company’s code of conduct and has affected every staff in the company. The company encourages its staffs to serve the clients faithfully, think and worry about what the clients think and worry about.

Technology is developing rapidly, as living standard increases, the requirements on products also rises. Therefore, we should adopt innovative technology and design to develop and produce new products in order to satisfy the increasing market demand. This is the key to maintain our products’ advantage.

We will take actions to promise that ——

Our products will always be of top quality.
Our technology will always lead the trend.
Our service will always be satisfying
Our staffs are always your sincere friends.

——————— Qualification certification ———————

——————— Recruitment ———————

several marketing personnel, Qualifications

1,over 20 years old, college education;
2, More than two years experience in security industry sales;
3, Independent market development and management of market awareness;
4, Character self-confident, cheerful, quick thinking, with some sales skills;
5, Strong adaptability, learning ability and preparedness to work hard;

Business assistant, Qualifications:
1, Female, formal institutions of tertiary graduates. More than one year related work experience.
2, Understand the business operation process, to work seriously.
3, Cheerful, good at communication and better coordination.
4, Strong sense of service and teamwork ability.

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