What are the advantages of transparent blister packaging?

Transparent blister packaging boxes have a display effect. Such blister products are made of PVC, APET and other transparent plastic materials, with high transparency and various types. They are designed according to the shape and structure of different packaging items, and transparent blister processing is carried out to ensure that The body of the packaged items is perfectly displayed, and the transparent blister packaging can also control and reduce the packaging cost.

1. The transparent blister packaging box has strong supporting force and beautiful structure. It is mostly suitable for electronic products, digital products, stationery pen holders, hardware accessories and other products. The structure of blister packaging products is specially designed according to the shape of the same item. And rationally use the specifications and sizes of materials, only applicable to the same item packaging, easier to control packaging costs.

2. Transparent blister packaging box, with super transparency, directly showing the beauty of the item, beautiful appearance and structure, good protection performance, can also design different styles of blister packaging products, control costs, generally applicable to cosmetic packaging, stationery Pigment packaging, sporting goods packaging, toy packaging, etc.

What are the advantages of transparent blister packaging?

3.The transparent cover of blister packaging has high transparency, the display items are transparent and visible, and the structure is beautiful. It is generally used for display and protection of the surface. A considerable part of the products are glued to the paper card by hot pressing, which is not easy to fall off. The style of packaging has different styles of packaging, the company is equipped with professional designers to communicate directly, and the pursuit of more beautiful and more practical.

4. Transparent blister packaging products with three folds and four folds. These products are usually packaged in the form of a swimsuit insert card. Most of them are suitable for boutiques, gifts, and small accessories. With hooks, it is easy to sell and display, and it is easy to take out packaged items. watch.

5. Transparent blister packaging products that are folded in half. This type of product is formed by folding in half to form a box body. There are buckles in the folds, and the workmanship is fine. The packaging products are better. This kind of blister packaging products has strong protection and high transparency, and is very intuitive to display. The beauty of the item is generally used for the packaging of the items displayed in all directions.

6. Three-fold three-dimensional transparent blister packaging, three-fold three-dimensional packaging, portable three-dimensional packaging can be set, strong three-dimensional sense, beautiful and generous display angle, suitable for all-round display of all-round protection items packaging, according to the structure of the item and the Shape design to ensure perfect shape packaging.

7.High-wave blister transparent packaging boxes, transparent packaging products, high transparency, the characteristics of such products are that the packaging is not easy to fall off, the use of upper and lower blister products to heat and press the box, strong protection, the items are not easy to take out, usually use For hardware accessories, stationery packaging, daily necessities, digital products and other packaging.

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