There are four categories of blister packaging

The classification of blister packaging products is based on the appearance characteristics of the product. The blister packaging is divided into boxes, trays, blister shells, cover plates, etc. Commodity classification, their appearance and characteristics will have different uses, the use of different blister packaging products can improve the grade and value of the items.


Blister packaging products. The surface of this type of product is a flat groove shape. Most of them are rectangular and square. The center part of the product belongs to the high side of the hollow-shaped product. It is mostly used in digital products and digital accessories. Plastic packaging boxes are mostly used as inner packaging, with thick film or carton packaging on the outside.


Blister packaging trays, trays are also packaging products with flat grooves. It is different from blister packaging boxes. The tray belongs to outer packaging. The function of tray packaging is to protect the items. This kind of packaging can also be used in stacks. Electronic products on electronic component products, fruits and other items.


Blister packaging, the blister is a packaging product with a unique appearance in the blister packaging. The product is protruding, and the shape is more three-dimensional. A packaged product with a unique appearance in the blister package. Most of the packaging used on items are hanging products, and the effect of blister packaging can better reflect the uniqueness of the item.


Blister packaging cover, also known as vacuum cover, this type of blister packaging cover is mostly used as a matching cover, and the shape is upper and lower cover. This kind of packaging products are mostly used in toys, cosmetics, electronic products, etc. This type of packaging can better protect the transportation of the product, and can better reflect the grade of the article. The blister packaging cover uses a relatively transparent material, and the article is packed in the package, and then a layer of cover is added on it. Place the item on the top of the package, add a layer of cover, and then place the item in the middle of the package, which can be rotated 360 degrees. The effect of the product on the blister packaging cover.

There are four categories of blister packaging

No matter what kind of packaging, you can choose different packaging, but also pay attention to the packaging similar to the article. Choosing a good packaging product also needs the unique characteristics of the blister packaging product.

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