The usage and technology of blister packaging

1. PVC blister packaging refers to a packaging form that uses two blister shells to encapsulate the paper card and the product. It is characterized by the need for a high-frequency machine to seal the edges of the double blister, which has low efficiency and high packaging costs, but the edges are neat and beautiful, and the appearance of the product is high-grade.

2. Blister packaging refers to the heat-sealing of the blister on the surface of the paper card with blister oil, which is often used in the packaging of common supermarket batteries. Its characteristic is that it requires a blister sealing device to encapsulate the product between the paper card and the blister.

Blister packaging is a general term used to produce plastic products using a blister process and package the products with corresponding equipment.

Blister packaging products are the general term for plastic products produced by the blister process and packaged with corresponding equipment. The classification of blister search packaging products includes blister, tray, box, half fold, etc. Blister packaging products with special shapes are mostly used in daily necessities. The main use effect is to protect goods and beautify items during transportation and promote sales. Blister products are a type of packaging product that started in the 1980s. The rapid development of high-end items in my country during the year has also led to the use of blister products, which is turning into a trend.

The usage and technology of blister packaging

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