The rich connotation of green packaging

The so-called green packaging refers to commodity packaging that is conducive to protecting human health and the ecological environment. Green packaging is a circular economy in the packaging field. It is the application and specific embodiment of the concept of circular economy in the packaging field. Specifically, green packaging of blister packaging generally has The connotation of 7 aspects:

1. Implement packaging reduction. Packaging should meet the conditions of protection, convenience, sales and other functions, and minimize the use of packaging materials;

2. The packaging should be easy to reuse. After a certain use function is completed, the packaging can be reused after proper treatment;

3. It is easy to recycle and regenerate, and achieve the purpose of reuse through measures such as generating recycled products, incineration and utilization of heat energy, and composting to improve soil;

4. Can be refilled and used. Cans, bottles and other packaging materials can be refilled for use after being recycled;

5. Packaging waste can be degraded and decomposed, and will not become garbage in the end, achieving the purpose of improving the soil;

6. Packaging materials should be non-toxic and harmless to humans and organisms. Packaging materials should not contain toxic elements, germs, heavy metals, or the content of these should be controlled below the relevant standards;

 7.The whole process of packaging products from the collection of raw materials, material processing, manufacturing products, product use, waste recycling to the final treatment should not cause harm to the human body and the environment.

The rich connotation of green packaging

Post time: Nov-26-2021

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