The difference between the production process of blister tray and injection tray

What is the difference between blister and injection molding?

1. Different production processes

The blister product is formed by heating the sheet, then pushing the sheet out by suction to bond the sheet and the mold, and then cooling and forming. Injection molding is made by pressing the hot-melted plastic on the injection mold under pressure, and then cooling and molding.

2. Different types of use

Blister is mostly used for electronic products, digital products, toys, stationery, hardware accessories, etc. Blister products are mostly blister boxes, blister blister, blister trays, blister covers and other types. Injection molding is usually used for the production of logistics plastic trays, such as mobile phone shells, computer shells, plastic cups, mouse shells, etc., and the injection molding process is also used.

3.the production cycle is different

Blister products are a hot-soft production mode with short production cycle and low mold cost. Multiple products can be blistered at one time by multiple molds, while injection molds have a longer production cycle and are pressed by multiple products from a single model. It is produced in combination and does not need to be subdivided to directly form the product.

4. From the practical application

Blister is a product in the form of item turnover and packaging. Injection molding is a product in the form of an item, mainly used in warehousing and logistics products widely used in the warehousing and transportation industry. It appears in the logistics center and has the characteristics of durability, easy cleaning, long life and large bearing capacity. The same is that both are plastic products.

The difference between the production process of blister tray and injection tray

In general, the concept of plastic pallets is broad, and pallets with different uses and sizes and shapes will use different production processes, while the plastic pallets used for logistics are not suitable for the blister process because of their large thickness.

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