Principle of anti-static blister tray for electronic parts

Ordinary blister trays are very easy to generate static electricity because of the strong insulation of plastic itself, which will damage some electronic products. And anti-static suction pad
The tray is made by adding a certain conductive medium to the ordinary blister raw material, so that the packaging product is conductive, so that static electricity will not be generated.

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We generally refer to plastic products with a surface resistance value of 10 to the 9th power of 10 to the 11th power of ohms as anti-static plastic products; plastic products with a surface resistance value of 10 to the 5th power of 10 to the 7th power of 10 ohms It is called antistatic blister product.

The surface resistance value is generally based on the amount of conductive medium added and the actual measured value. In addition, anti-static plastic products are mostly used as trays, also
There are a small amount of double-blister or half-folded blister packaging, and the materials used are generally PS, PET, PVC, etc.

An anti-static tray is an ideal tool for storing electronic components. Due to the addition of special polymer chains to the raw materials, the finished product can permanently maintain static electricity consumption
It has good mechanical strength and heat resistance, good impact resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance, and will not change its antistatic properties due to environment, time and temperature.

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