How is the anti-static blister tray made

With the continuous development of mathematics technology, the spare parts industry for digital products is getting hotter and hotter. Anti-static plastic pallets used for the transportation and turnover of these spare parts have become a treasure that is in short supply.

However, due to the difficulty in the production of antistatic blister materials, many manufacturers of antistatic blister trays can only produce a simple antistatic index of 108~1012. This antistatic effect will be affected by the humidity and temperature in the air, which may be affected. As a result, the antistatic effect is weakened or even disappears at any time, causing unnecessary losses to the product.

First, let us talk about how the anti-static effect of the plastic suction cup is produced. It can be divided into two situations. One is to spray a layer of anti-static liquid on the surface of the blister material, which will not affect the transparency of the blister tray. Generally speaking, the transparent blister is sprayed externally, and the other is built-in. This is to add anti-static liquid to the material when making the blister. This type of blister is usually used for black or white blister, because it will make the transparent blister look fuzzy and affect the transparency. However, in terms of anti-static effect and service life, built-in is far more complicated than external spraying, but its production process is also much more complicated than external spraying.

How is the anti-static blister tray made

Post time: Nov-24-2021

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