High-quality high-temperature resistant blister packaging

More and more industries use blister packaging, and different industries have different requirements for blister packaging. If the packaged product needs to be heated or needs to be operated at high temperatures, then the blister packaging used needs to be high-temperature resistant.

There are two types of high-temperature resistant blister packaging: hot-pressed blister packaging and food blister packaging. The hot-pressed, high-temperature resistant blister packaging uses high-frequency heating to connect the blister box and the paper card. This requires the blister box to be transparent and transparent. It must be able to withstand a certain high temperature and not burn. The materials that meet this condition are PVC and PETG sheets. PET cannot withstand high temperatures because it is flammable.

Food heat-resistant blister boxes are used to hold blister trays such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes they need to be heated in a microwave oven, or high-frequency sealing film, so the material is also required to have high temperature resistance, and it must Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Only PP material meets these conditions. PP material is a special food-grade material. It can not only be heated in a microwave oven, but also can be stored in a cold storage. It can withstand high temperatures and low temperatures. It is perfect for packaging food.

High-quality high-temperature resistant blister packaging

Post time: Dec-31-2021

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