Features of frozen food blister box

Frozen food is easy to store and is widely used in the production, transportation and storage of perishable food such as meat, poultry, aquatic products, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits; it is nutritious, convenient, hygienic and economical; the market demand is large. In order to be more convenient for storage, hygienic and clean, frozen food needs suitable packaging, which drives the development of the blister packaging industry. What are the characteristics of frozen food blister boxes? Shanghai Yuxing Food Blister Packaging Factory will answer for you:

1. Lengdong Food uses PP material in material, which is safe, non-toxic and tasteless, and meets food testing standards. PP has high toughness, good insulation and chemical resistance. High cold resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of PP plastic products. PP material is suitable for the packaging of frozen food, such as ice cream boxes, dumpling boxes, dumpling boxes, seafood blister boxes, etc.

2. Good protection, transparent and intuitive, easy to use and light in quality.

3. The items after blister packaging are beautified, improve the quality, and make consumers more eager to buy.

4. If the frozen packaging box is sealed with film and then filled with nitrogen, it will have a certain effect on the preservation of food, and the preservation period is normally 5-8 days.

5. Frozen blister box, clean and hygienic, storage and stacking, saving space and convenient transportation.

In the food industry of our company, food boxes, food lids, fast food boxes, heaven and earth lid boxes, pastry boxes, vegetable boxes, candy boxes, frozen food boxes, aquatic product trays, food trays, and inner trays are used in a huge amount. There are various forms: food boxes, lunch boxes, food trays, inner trays, bottom trays, heaven and earth cover boxes, pastry boxes, blister round boxes, folding boxes, etc. The company supports various specifications and models of blister packaging boxes for sample processing and customization.

Features of frozen food blister box

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