Does the electronics industry use blister packaging?

Most people who know physics know that the collision of positive and negative electrodes produces an electric current. The body of electronic components has static electricity. During transportation and handling, if electronic components with good performance collide with each other, instantaneous current will be generated, and individual electronic components will be damaged due to the impact of instantaneous current. For fully qualified electronic products, many inferior products are just not well protected during transportation, which is a huge economic loss and reputation loss for electronic equipment manufacturers.

To effectively protect electronic components, many companies that manufacture electronic components now use plastic packaging as a safe shipping option. Using plastic packaging not only protects the product well, but it is also recyclable and inexpensive. The raw material used in plastic packaging is plastic film, which itself has insulating properties. High-end electronic products have also specially developed plastic films with anti-static function, which greatly improves the anti-static coefficient of plastics. Due to its excellent anti-static function, it plays a role in the safety protection of electronic products, which is an inevitable trend of packaging in the current and future high-end electronic industry.

Does the electronics industry use blister packaging?

Post time: Jan-14-2022

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