Characteristics and uses of blister trays

The purpose of blister tray:

Plastic pallets are the most advantageous tool for loading and unloading, storage and transportation. If it is used in conjunction with a forklift, it can greatly increase the efficiency of transportation and has a wide range of uses.

If plastic pallets are stacked and used, the utilization rate of the warehouse can be increased, and the cost can be greatly reduced. Therefore, it can be seen that in all transportation processes, the small plastic pallet has a very obvious effect.

According to the structure, plastic pallets can be divided into: grid-shaped plastic pallets, Sichuan-shaped plastic pallets, grid double-sided plastic pallets, flat double-sided plastic pallets, grid nine-foot plastic pallets, flat nine-foot plastic pallets, moisture-proof Backing plastic pallets, combined backing plastic pallets, disposable plastic pallets for export.

Characteristics and uses of blister trays

Characteristics of blister tray:

1. Environmental protection:

Plastic pallets use plastic instead of wood, which can be recycled, save resources, meet national environmental protection requirements, and are economical.

2. Ultra-light integrated structure:

According to the exquisite design, the ultra-light and integrated structure is realized. The design is reasonable, flat and beautiful, and has strong practicability, which is convenient for the storage and transfer of the enterprise and on-site management.

3. Superior durability and durability:

In terms of impact resistance and durability, injection molded and blister molded plastic pallets have unparalleled advantages over wooden pallets and have a long service life, generally 8-9 times that of wooden pallets.

4. Standardized production:

The size and weight of plastic pallets produced with advanced technology and equipment conform to international, national and industry standards. At the same time, products that meet their corporate standards can be produced according to customer requirements.

5. Large utilization space:

The four-way borrowing method is adopted to maximize the utilization of warehouse space.

6. Cleanliness and hygiene:

Because plastic trays are water-resistant, rust-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to clean and disinfect, clean and hygienic, they are not like wooden pallets, such as rot and hair growth and germ reproduction.

Seven, superior safety:

As the connection part does not use metal fittings, there are no nails and thorns, and the loaded products are non-destructive; the front of the pallet is attached with a rubber anti-skid pad, which greatly enhances the anti-skid property of the goods during forklift operation; at the same time, there is no static electricity, no combustion, safety, fire prevention, and explosion protection.

8. Heat resistance, cold resistance, acid and alkali resistance:

No deformation within ±50℃, no corrosion when exposed to acid and alkaline chemicals.

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