Anti-static plastic tray can achieve anti-static function

The anti-static blister tray can achieve the function of anti-static mainly include the following methods:

1. Apply a layer of anti-static coating on the surface of the ordinary blister tray. It is a transparent material that is invisible to the naked eye, but the general coating method will be easily scratched and lose the anti-static effect. At present, it is mainly used in general high-transparency PET materials.

2. This kind of anti-static particles is mainly used in electronic and electrical blister trays or anti-static plastic trays. It belongs to polymer-type anti-static particles. In the production process of raw material sheets, anti-static materials are added to co-extruded sheets or films to add a large amount of The anti-static particle material is attached to the surface, the cost increase is not much, and the resistance can be between E8-E12. Shenzhen Golden Digital Industry mainly uses semi-permanent and permanent anti-static plastic trays. Shenzhen Golden Digital Industry Including: PP, PET, PS, etc., all of which can meet the requirements of anti-static. The material itself has a certain static dissipative effect. Adding anti-static particle material can achieve permanent anti-static effect. The anti-static effect at 12%RH is still very high, which is not achieved by many similar products at present, and the temperature processability is better.

The role of the anti-static blister tray is to provide the turnover and integrated management of electronic components related products, and it is a more convenient and safer way to provide modern production management of electronic components production and circulation enterprises. Therefore, anti-static blister trays The role of the tray is very high.

Post time: Apr-09-2022

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