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customized ESD Conductive plastic blister tray package


Material: Antistatic PS

Color: Clear/Black /White

Thickness: 0.25-2.5mm

MOQ: 2000pcs

Customized: Yes

Sample time: 5-7 days


Product Detail

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Vacuum formed trays are commonly used for packaging applications due to its lower cost tooling, ability to run thin material, and large number of design features.

Custom cavities can be formed to exactly match cavity, and to protect sensitive areas. For pins, or other fragile items clearance cavities can be formed so there is not contact to tray during the shipping process. Finger or tweezer clearance can also be formed into the tray cavity.


* Low cost tooling usually 1/10th of the cost of a injection mold tool.

* Faster turn around

* Large number of material options including ESD materials and antistatic materials.

* Materials: PETG, PET, PVC, PP , PS

* Very thin parts can be made.

Product Type ESD Blister Packaging TRAY Box Black Display PCB Package Electronic package
Material Antistatic PS
Color Clear/Black /White
Thickness 0.25-2.5mm
MOQ 2000pcs
Customized Yes
Sample time 5-7 days
Packing Inside plastic bag, outer paper carton packing
Terms of payment T/T(30% deposit by T/T, balance 70% before shipment payment) 

Product Description

Why do more people choose blister packaging?

When choosing a product, the first thing you see is the product's packaging.

A good packaging can better attract customers' attention and promote the desire to buy.

The product can be well protected, so that the product will not be scattered during the sales process, and the integrity of the item can be guaranteed.

It can be well packaged and delivered to the destination.

Types of Materials We Offer for Packaging Trays

We offer plastic packaging trays in the following materials:


* PS


* Styrene/High Impact Styrene

* Flock

* Virgin

* Color Match Material

Benefits of Packaging Trays

* Keeps products organized in packaging or for parts moving in facilities or between operations

* Adds extra protection for products with small pieces

* Durably designed

* Can be stacked to maximize space

If you’d like to more information on our packaging trays, contact us or request a quote.

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